Culinary workshops from the Chef

Join the art of haute cuisine under the guidance of Edem Resort Medical & SPA Chef Artur Tumanyan, alureate of “Salt” National restaurant prize and participant of the TV project “13 Chefs”. He will overturn your vision of food and help to gain insights on culinary art, to form proper attitude to nutrition, get to know various new products and dishes and understand the principles of combining and balancing the ingredients.
At Chef's workshops you will learn the basic principles and technologies of food preparation, how to compose the menu (and why!), how to combine ingredients to get the most benefits for health and palate, and the last but not least – you'll practice the things you've learned, cook delicious meals and form your own culinary style.
Choose your workshop and let the world hear the name of the new culinary artist!
Workshop subjects:
1. Detox-menu
2. Healthy eating
3. Traditional Ukrainian cuisine in a modern style
4. Italian cuisine
5. The cuisine of the Caucasus
6. Pan-Asian cuisine
7. Cooking with open fire
8. French cuisine classics
9. Fitness menu
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Konzept 12 +

Edem Resort Medical & SPA macht Ihren Urlaub perfekt. Der Eintritt in das Gebiet ist für Kinder über 12 Jahren erlaubt. Dies liegt an der Tatsache, dass Gesundheitsprogramme im Zentrum für Gesundheitswiederaufnahme maximale Ruhe und Entspannung erfordern, um ihre körperliche und geistige Gesundheit zu verbessern. Denn Frieden und Ruhe sind der Weg zu innerer Harmonie.