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Olga Polak, Head of Aesthetic Medicine Department at Edem Resort Medical & SPA, Professor of Aesthetic Medicine, Certified Ipsen Couch for Dysport and Innovaestetic for Sculptura, Restylane, cosmetologist, dermatologist, dermatovenereologist and expert in anti-ageing medicine. Olga has been working in aesthetic medicine for more than 25 years and has spent over 20 years practising innovative and (most importantly) reliable care practices, including:

  • — rejuvenating cocktail injections developed using her comprehensive knowledge of the processes that take place within cells and the body overall.
  • — body contouring procedures.
  • — botulinum toxin therapy procedures in off-label technology, full face and neurology.
  • — thread lifts.

In 2017, she was trained in anti-ageing medicine under A.V. Primak and received a Certificate in Nutritional Aesthetics & Beauty Metabolism from the PreventAge International Institute. Olga also works in cell technology using the latest methods in tissue repairs, such as PRP therapy, nanofats and fibroblasts. As Head of Aesthetic Medicine Department, Olga remains on top of the current trends and undergoes internships with leading specialists in aesthetic medicine, such as Patrick Trevidic, Alessio Redaelli, Mauricio de Maio, Hervé Raspaldo, Marina Landau and Leah Gacheli. Olga’s regular training in the world’s best clinics and participation in congresses enable her to develop original anti-ageing medicine programs for our guests. Moreover, all procedures offered by the Medical Centre are based on the principles of preventive medicine and nutribolomics.

Olga is adamant that, “restoration makes you better, stronger, more efficient and brings you ever closer to the powerful energies of the universe”.

    12+ Concept

    The 12+ concept is currently suspended. You can stay in the Edem Country with children of all ages, but there are some restrictions. For details, please contact the reservation department or your personal manager.