Balneotherapy (SPA Mud Treatment) and Hydrotherapy

Edem Resort & SPA Medical Centre uses a piece of professional equipment known as ‘Unbescheiden,’ which is considered to be one of the best in the world.  


The various treatment options that the hydrotherapy tub CARACALLA offers make it the ideal tub for underwater massages: With 260 water nozzles, 50 air nozzles and 146 light spots in eight different colours, CARACALLA gives you treatment options that range from intense individual massages all the way to gentle pampering, customised to your personal preferences. The massage begins with effleurage, gentle strokes of the muscles and tissues. During the subsequent underwater massage, ten different zones are treated, covering 20 parts of the body which range from the soles of the feet to the shoulders. Massages with the CARACALLA tub have excellent deep­muscle effects because they are  precisely designed to match the contours of the human body. Hydrotherapy tub CARACALLA – an experience full of enjoyment that meets the highest demands.


Jouvence SPA Bed is a  dry float bed which is best for use during body wrap treatments, such as mud and seaweed wraps. The dry float bed is excellent for guests who would love to experience the sensation of being warm and weightless in water without having to get wet. The heat assists in the absorption of moisturisers and detoxifying agents that create a smooth and silky complexion. A Starlight effect with 146 light spots in eight different colours, selected music and Melody-effect will help your body relax and rejuvenate.