Дерматологічний огляд

Dermatological examination includes:

  • diagnosis of facial skin
  • diagnosis of the scalp and hair
  • diagnosis of problematic areas of body skin
  • diagnosis of subcutaneous fat
  • identification of cellulite


Soft Plus is a unique, completely stand alone, skin, body, hair and cellulite assessment system employed by top healthcare and beauty professionals at a global level. It exclusively incorporates a PC system so that professionals are completely independent. Gone are the days of connecting instruments to a PC to operate! It is designed to assist professionals by supporting the understanding of individual skin conditions. This supports decision making processes on recommendations of products and treatments, resulting in a documented increase in sales and repeat business.  Soft Plus provides a fresh approach to skincare and client communication. 


Soft Plus provides professionals with the ability:

  • to measure the skin’s moisture.
  • to examine oily skin.
  • to measure the pH of the skin.
  • to measure the elasticity of skin.
  • to measure the melanin content.
  • to define the photo type of patient’s skin and time insolation.
  • to measure the tmperature in different areas of the skin.
  • to diagnose cellulite
  • to use microcameras to visualize and assess skin surface, and build 3D models.
  • to compile skin and scalp complex evaluation and monitoring programs.