Redermalisation (HYALUAL)

Redermalisation is an innovative method that efficiently restores and prevents the signs of ageing reducing wrinkles and fine lines, giving the skin a fresh glow. Redermalisation reduces signs of fatigue and improves skin tone and elasticity.


  • Is a natural way to rejuvenate the skin
  • Has scientifically proven results
  • Is a great way to give your skin a youthful glow.

Why use redermalisation?

  • To prevent chrono- and photoaging
  • Fights signs of ageing
  • Prevents premature ageing.

More about Redermalizaton


Hyalual®, the product of a new generation, is a unique formula, combining succinate with hyaluronic acid, thus, affecting all the links in the pathogenesis of skin aging and reaching a powerful integrated anti-age effect:

  • succinate, through its direct and active influence on mitochondria of fibroblasts, provides a powerful restorative effect by activation of metabolic processes in the skin: it improves the cellular and tissue respiration, ion transport, protein synthesis (collagen and elastin). Succinate actively stimulates the production of energy (ATP), enhances the microcirculation and has a powerful antioxidant action, actively blocking free radicals and preventing lipid peroxidation and destruction of the cell genome.
  • hyaluronic acid eliminates dehydration of the skin, moisturizes it, compensating for hyaluronic acid deficit in tissues.

As a result of such combined effects on the skin, highly effective and scientifically proven approach to skin rejuvenation is implemented, through its regeneration, slowing the aging processes and their timely prevention - through maximum activation of metabolic processes, antioxidant effects and skin moisturizing. The result of such exposure is the restoration of skin tone (its elasticity, turgor and hydration), improvement of its texture and color, as well as expressed lifting effect.


  • young healthy skin
  • improvement of skin color
  • improved skin texture and relief
  • skin lifting
  • reduction of the depth and size of wrinkles
  • elimination of pigmentation
  • prevention of neoplasms

What makes the effects so noticeable is the the unique formula which combines succinate and hyaluronic acid improving the skin not only on the cellular level but also on the intracellular one.

We use 1,1 або 1,8% concentration of Hyalual for Redermalization, depending on the skin type and condition. 4-6 treatments every 1-2 weeks are recommended. 

Doctor recommendation:

  • The content of injection is prescribed by a doctor
  • Doctor consultation is free of charge