Apiculture products from our own apiary

The apiculture products from th country of Edem that we propose are natural and ecologically clean. Our apiary is situated at the Edem Resort grounds and consists of 12 beehives.
Honey set from our own apiary
The set contains the apiculture products that bring the most benefits for your health:
- Wood honey (natural source of energy)
- Honey with walnuts (contributes to functioning of the brain)
- Flower pollen (cleansing of the vascular system)
- Propolis tincture (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties)
- Herbal tea (prevention of diseases)
- Dried fruits (source of vitamins for your health)
- Hand-made beeswax candle (aromatherapy)
Special Offer:
Wood honey from our own apiary: 450 ml + honey spoon – Euro 5
Wood honey from our own apiary with walnuts added: 450 ml – Euro 7
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