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Body Biomechanics and Fitness

Center of Health Recovey of Edem Resort
Medical Center
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Profile oneself! Master the ethics of physical training of the body along with Edem’s experiments. After, you will forget that life is possible in any way without sports.
- individual training sessions
- group training sessions (Nordic walking, yoga mix, fitness and dances)
- pilates studio
- kinesis studio
- water sports
- exclusive uniquely designed individual trainings
Medical center
List of services
Individual trainings
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Individual training sessions – using an individual approach to a guest a trainer creates a personal session programme. Guests improve their basic problem areas under a qualified help and a correct load of physical exercise is created.
Sessions are conducted according to the style of exercises and desired goals: in a speacially equipped gym, kinesis studio, group training sessions or functional training sessions openair.
Types of training sessions:
group functional training sessions of different styles and load (Body Tonic, PBW (Power Balance Workout), Yoga Functional Dance, Mind & Body), specially developed training sessions in a gym (according to physician’s statement) and kinesis studio, SUP training sessions, aqua-aerobics, tennis, bicycle rides, Nordic walking, TRX training sessions, FLY yoga.
Local area training sessions are held starting with 3 sessions per week as a morning activity every day. The duration of it is from 45 to 60 minutes.
Nordic walking
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The praxis of this type of walk was taken over from the Scandinavian countries. It impresses with its effectiveness: muscles work 40% more, than during a bicycle ride and 45% more than during running.
This kind of walking is available for every guest of Edem Resort Medical & SPA as a morning activity, or individually, when taking a medical program it can be one of activities.
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A philosophic learning from the East promotes healthy improvement of physical and spiritual processes of the organism. The result lies in improving the condition of backbone, enhancement of the inner organs activity, preventive measures against blood vessels diseases, immune system stimulation, stress resistance, weight reduction and muscle strengthening.
Kinds of yoga:
SUP yoga, Fly yoga, Yoga Functional Dance, nidra yoga.
Training sessions may have different interpretation and yoga elements appliance combined with other kinds of physical activity.
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With the help of simple integrated physical exercise, fitness helps to improve performance status of the organism, its level of training and the ability to resist negative influence of the environment, corrects the shape and the weight of the body.
Kinds of fitness training sessions:
- Body Tonic
- PBW (Power Balance Workout)
- Yoga Functional Dance
- Mind & Body
- TRX training
- Aqua aerobics
- Nordic walking
- ROLL training (myofascial release)
- Fly yoga
- SUP training
- Tennis
- Bicycle ride activity
- Local individual training sessions in a gym
- Walking tours to the Svirzkyi Castle and to mount Kamula
All types of training combine effective innovative approaches in the sphere of modern fitness, have a proven scientific basis and delivery explanation. The choice id made in connection with the goals, age, physical condition and personal preferences.
Pilates Studio
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Pilates studio – a combination of of physical exercise improves flexibility of every muscle of the body. The system combines elements of yoga, ballet and iso exercises. Muscles are strengthened, stabilization of body position (posture, internal organs), strengthening of back, abs and pelvis muscles, body flexibility is improved, stress level is decreased.
Kinesis studio
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Kinesis studio offers a modern approach of kinesis therapy that teaches how to move correctly and most importantly how to load your muscles efficiently. The result is seen in weight loss, body shape correction, muscle resilience and body fitness.
Gym work outs
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Training sessions help to improve your body shape, endurance, heart performance, correct weight. Gym work outs provide focus on correcting local areas. Every person can take part in work outs unless some counter indications.
SUP surfing
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SUP surfing is a kind of sport that combines canoeing and surfing. In contrast to surfing and windsurfing, SUP training sessions do not require wind or waves. They help to improve body balance and corrects movements, stimulates muscles.
Aqua aerobics
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Aqua aerobics is offered to every guest at Edem Resort Medical & SPA as a morning activity, or it may be offered on an individual basis during a certain medical program. It helps to keep your body fit, lose extra weight, relaxes, releases stress. In contrast to doing exercises over land , where gravity influences your organism, training sessions in aqua aerobics reduce joint tension to 80 %. As a result, they they help to develop muscles, promote weight loss, shape correct posture and improve joint activity.

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12+ Concept

The 12+ concept is currently suspended. You can stay in the Edem Country with children of all ages, but there are some restrictions. For details, please contact the reservation department or your personal manager.