Нутрицевтика и диетология в Edem Resort
To reach the goal, you must first go.

Nutrition and Dietology

Edem Resort Health Center
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Start eating in a new way. Discover all the faces of healthy teas and create an effective diet with our dietitian and chef. You are worth the best, you are what you eat.
- development of nutrition programs by a nutritionist-nutraceutical
- master classes from the chef
- a school of healthy nutrition
- Agrocomplex of healthy food
Medical centre
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Development of nutrition programs nutritionist-nutraceutical
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The development of nutrition programs by nutritionist-nutritionist - a specialist in the field of nutrition will tell about the main principles of the combination of products:
- How to combine products to get the most out of your favor
- How to improve your health by eating
- Individual selection of products for the guest
- a comprehensive nutrition program
Master classes from the chef
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The chef of the eco-kitchen will hold master classes for proper nutrition, will teach you to prepare delicious, useful and beautiful food:
- Tell us how to properly combine products
- explain why incorrect combination of food can harm the health
- will teach you to prepare useful and delicious dishes
- Refutes the main myths of nutrition
- share the secrets of cooking, which cleanses the body, restores strength and adjusts the figure.
School of Healthy Eating
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The purpose of the school of healthy nutrition is to form a proper perception of food. Specialists of eco-kitchen together with nutritionists will conduct a course of theoretical and practical classes, which will tell:
- what elements are necessary for human life and where to look for them
- why the food should be an individual approach
- will tell about the main mistakes in the selection of products and their combination
And also reveal the secrets of cooking useful and incredibly delicious food.
Schedule an individual food plan
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Nutrition Dietitian will compile an individual nutrition plan according to the physiological needs of the guest:
- Creating a personalized grocery shopping cart with the right ingredients that best suits your needs
- a complex of vitamins and nutritional supplements that will contribute to the improvement of vitality and activity
- Solving main power failures
- Individual food schedule, which consists of a set of dishes, picked up taking into account the features of the guest
Medical programs

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12+ Concept

The 12+ concept is currently suspended. You can stay in the Edem Country with children of all ages, but there are some restrictions. For details, please contact the reservation department or your personal manager.