Lymphatic drainage treatment

Lymphatic drainage massage with bamboo canes

In Eastern cultures the bamboo plant has long been regarded as a symbol of youth, success, and longevity. The energy that is contained within the walls of the bamboo is transferred to the recipient to improve the energy balance, blood and lymph circulation, stimulate the immune system, relax tense or sore muscles, and firm the skin.

The procedure

A smooth and silky bamboo cane glides all the way from the toes to the shoulders. Specific rolling techniques using bamboo canes aid lymphatic circulation. This deeply relaxing massage treatment using bamboo canes and  soft aromatic oils helps fight fatigue and stress, promote  harmony of mind and body, restore  natural energy flow, awaken the senses and strengthen the powerful inner reserve of the human body. The blend of massage oils has a relaxing, firming, and anti-cellulite effect. Your mind and body will experience an  ultimate state of bliss. Indulge yourself in this unforgettable, exotic experience.

 Duration – 60min.

Soysoy body massage with rice jelly

An anti-yielding treatment. Gommy Massage’s firming action smoothes and gives support to the dermis and the hypodermis, stimulating the draining and the absorption of water retention and improving the microcirculation. Combined with Soy, it stimulates the synthesis of the collagen and elastin fibres, making the tissues that have lost “support” compact and supple, with a toning and lifting effect.

The procedure

Rice bran oil is rich in gamma-oryzanol (protective and screening anti-UV), performing a soothing and anti-inflammatory function. Soy Oil preserves Vitamin E and Vitamin B6 and helps in increasing the skin’s hydration and elasticity. The mix of these active ingredients will make the body compact and supple, giving it a fit and shaped look. The procedure includes anti-stress massage, drainage massage with soy oil,and gommy massage with rice brain oil.

Duration – 90min.

Oloil massage. Gentle care treatment with olive jelly and basil essential oils.

The key role in in the Toskana olive oil treatment is to provide an uplifting, elevating thrill. The whole procedure consists of a 4-stage care treatment: anti-cellulite massage using olive jelly and essential oils, and lymph drainage massage with olive fluid. These two parts promote intensive skin nutrition and figure remodelling. The next stage  involves intensive basil peeling  performed by a SPA therapist. The skin takes on a new form: it becomes soft, silky and smooth. Each product applied on the body reveals a new fragrance and gives a new sense of touch.

The procedure

The procedure includes  massage with olive jam and essential oils, lymphatic drainage massage with olive fluids, basil peelingand body wrapping.

Duration – 120min. 

Beauty Mamma

Scientists of Gerad’s company have developed a special delicate massage during the pregnancy period and after giving birth to a child. It helps to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots and improve circulation and mobility.This massage is tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies, and therapists who are trained in prenatal massage adjust their techniques accordingly.

The procedure

 100% active Shea Butter rich in vitamin E  is used to soften and protect the skin and to help combat and prevent stretch marks and cellulite during pregnancy. 

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