The  time you spend at Edem Resort & SPA transports you to a magical land of deep relaxation, far from the stresses of everyday life. This is a place where you are the most important person in the world, and where no effort is spared to achieve harmony of body and soul.

Every time you enter the spa we ensure that your experience will leave you reinvigorated and better able to cope with the pressures and frustrations of daily life. Immerse yourself into the world of Edem Resort & SPA and experience the ultimate in relaxation. Let us enchant you.

Within the practice of  Ayurveda, healing begins by attuning the body’s energies to the rhythms of nature and keeping a proper state of your body and spirit.
Conscious of the balance between internal health and outer radiance, you will achieve deep relaxation and true calm only nature can provide at Edem Resort & SPA.
Guests will experience the deepest relaxation and achieve complete calmness by taking in the powerful benefits of Ayurveda treatment and care.

Apart from massage therapies, the SPA provides guests with other pampering services such as facials, baths, yoga, Pilates and kinesiology.  At Edem Resort & SPA we rebalance and reconnect guests to the natural world with luxurious healing and pampering indulgence.

Antistress SPA Weekend

At SPA we offer:

  • Swimming pool (20m-8m; D – 1.6m, t – 28C)
  • Saunas:
     - Roman Steam Bath 44º С/100 %;
     - Finnish Sauna 90º С/ 5%;
     - Russian Banya 75-80 º С/30 %;

     - Russian Banya 75-80 º С/30 %;


  • Jacuzzi (t 36-40º С)
  • Swiss Shower;
  • Emotional Shower;
  • Gym; 
  • Yoga and Pilates gym;
  • Kinesiology;
  • Salt Room;
  • Massage;

SPA working hours: 8:00-22:00
Sauna working hours: 14:00-20:00

The main feature of Edem Resort & SPA is the atmosphere of relaxation and peace, ideal for you to enjoy your vacation and to reach  harmony and  emotional balance.

To support the atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility the resort has a “14+” policy. All the hotel’s sites and facilities, including SPA and restaurants are accessible to guests aged 14 years and older.

Welcome to Edem Resort & SPA, an ideal place for unforgettable vacations in peace and harmony.

To book a SPA or for more details please call: +38 068 320 23 62