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Welcome to Edem Resort Medical & SPA, luxury recreation center located not far from the ancient city of Lviv, on a picturesque lake in green forest surroundings. Beautiful nature, clean air  peace and silence help our guests to reach a  harmony of mind, body and soul.

To support the atmosphere of relaxation the resort has a “14+” policy.  

The resort features a luxury hotel with 88 rooms, 4 exclusive restaurants and 5 banquet and conference halls.

Our state of the art Medical Centre offers detox, body cleansing, metabolism, improvement and bioregulation programs. Luxurious SPA offers wide range of treatments, swimming pool, saunas and salt room. 

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 Edem Resort Medical & SPA is suburban palace and park complex with the Rejuvenation Centre. The main feature of Edem Resort & SPA is the atmosphere of relaxation and peace, ideal for you to enjoy your vacation and to reach  harmony and  emotional balance. In order to create this ambience, we welcome guests of 14 years and older in our hotel, SPA and restaurants.  Please accept our apologies if we cannot accommodate you with your younger children now. We are looking forward to welcoming you in the future. 

For weddings and hotel guests not staying at the hotel 14+ rule does not apply.

The purpose of the 14+ concept  is to provide the atmosphere of harmony to our regular guests, participating in recreational and medical programs.   The concept, also known as "child free", is popular in European countries (Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Cyprus), in particular in resorts with rejuvenation programs and in 5-star hotels. This is caused by several important factors:

  • Rejuvenation and medical programs guests spend most of their time in different treatments and are not able to communicate and to look after children;
  • According to the concept, most recreation areas of the resort are positioned as area of peace rest and meditation.

We try to create for you a pleasant atmosphere at the Edem Resort Medical & SPA to make you feel cozy and surrounded by friends. If you are not able to stay with us today, we will be happy to welcome you in the future.

Our Front Office staff will be glad to answer all your additional questions: +38 067 314 65 12.

Please book your stay at Edem Resort Medical & SPA in advance.


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