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Strelki village, Peremyshljansky district, Lviv region, Ukraine
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Freedom of dreams and desires
Country of Edem

You can feel it right away.
Just after crossing the border between the ordinary world and the amazingCountry of Edem, everything changes.
Unexpectedly, imperceptibly, but dramatically.
Completely different mood comes up, other emotions, even other thoughts and memories.
The Country of Edem is a place of power, inspiration, relaxation and purification. At Edem Resort Medical & SPA you feel how energy fills your mind, body and soul!
The years pass, the complex expands, improves, changes. Nowadays, one of the best resorts in Europe, Edem Resort Medical & SPA has become a true country with its traditions and borders. Once you have coveted Edem Visa, you will be able to take advantage of all the bonuses and privileges that are available to its residents. For you the gates of Paradise are opened, where the body and soul merge together, filling you with health and inspiration

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About us
Every place on Earth, like each of us, has its destiny, mission, purpose.
Edem Resort Medical & SPA Hotel is a unique power place that attracts people with energy and healing properties for many centuries. The cherished power place near Lviv, which opens itself and shares the invaluable treasures of pristine nature with people who value their time. Located near the ancient city of Lviv, on the shore of a crystal clear lake, Edem Resort Medical & SPA, is a part of Paradise on Earth! It includes a five-star hotel, Medical Center for health recovery, SPA Center, 50 crystal springs, that fill the Molodist Lake, Art Space, Landscape Sculpture Park, the first golf club in Western Ukraine, vineyards, fruit and vegetable gardens, own stables and hunting grounds.
Edem Resort is like a separate country, where you become completely abstracted from the outside world, city bustle and find the desired harmony.
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