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The restaurants at Edem Resort

Each dish tells a story, enriches the memory with new flavors. But always leaves a little mystery you want to unravel again and again.
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Expand the horizons of healthy food
The Panorama restaurant is the temple of healthy organic food. Every dish is a boost of energy, after all, prepared with ingredients collected in the gardens of Edem. Through the large panoramic windows overlooking the Lake of Youth. The restaurant is open for guests who come to the complex programs of the center of health-Detox, Anti-age, Fithealth. We create a
personalized menu for our guests, take into account the physiological features in order to make the food as useful as possible. Make sure that healthy food can be delicious and incredibly beautiful at our restaurant near Lviv.
The truth is in wine
De Vine
DeVine is a 354 position of wine and four autochthonous varieties from the Bordeaux Wine Collection. More than 3000 bottles from 121 regions of 22 countries are stored in Liebherr wine cabinets.
Chef of the Restaurant outside the city selected menu specifically to ensure that guests get the
maximum enjoyment from wine degustation and taste of gourmet dishes.
‘The basic principle on which was formed wine list - versatility. I tried to comprehend and represent wines from all over the world with the greatest possible palette of grape varieties. Now with such a range is not a problem to choose the right wine for any guest and any dish. Over the wine list is working a sommelier and guests. I always listen to wishes and try to make the selection of wine interesting, to give a
new and unforgettable gastronomic impressions and emotions, ‘ said chef-sommelier of restaurant DeVine, Yuriy Ovchar.
DeVine was one of the finalists of the National restaurant award SALT® 2016 in the nomination ‘restaurant with best wine list’ and that is just the beginning. We have created a special wine set menu, for guests to appreciate all the subtleties of the different varieties.
In the spring of 2016, in the complex appeared its own vineyard. And at the fourth season you'll be able to taste the wines made in Edem.
Reserved classic
The spirit of romance and classic luxury. Men are only in suits, women having sophisticated dresses. Restaurant on the lake Edem as if descended from the pages of Fitzgerald's novels, where the Bohemian spirit can be felt even in the smallest details.
Lunches, romantic dinners, celebrations, and small banquets – Edem will arrange everything at the highest level. Every dish is a masterpiece from the chef. Because perfection is in the details.
A New Kind of Concept Restaurant by the Water
Terrace by the lake
Terrace by the Lake is a place for enjoying exquisite tastes. All its future menus will be seasonal. What sets it apart from the others is that each list of dishes stay on the menu only for four months. Therefore, there are always some new international dishes to try. Air shipments bring in fresh Mediterranean fish and seafood from France, Italy and even the Maldives.

Terrace by the Lake is a must visit location for lovers of gastronomic discovery and those who want to savour unknown delicacies and traditional dishes cooked in intriguing new ways.
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12+ Concept

The 12+ concept is currently suspended. You can stay in the Edem Country with children of all ages, but there are some restrictions. For details, please contact the reservation department or your personal manager.