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Life is a sport, so stay a winner.

An active vacation out of town at Edem Resort

What calms better than a good game? And, besides, it will entertain and give you strength. Classic or extreme one - what is your mood today?
Sports programs
Sport program

The program is focused on the improvement of physical health and formation of
aesthetic shape. Fithealh is a science-based approach to figure correction.
It changes the mindset regarding the body as a whole, because it combines the right
physical education, sports, and the course of diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

country complex for sports
Sports programs
Гольф-реабілітація для дітей
Проєктом FREEPEOPLE EDEM за підтримки Shonach Mirk Robles було організовано реабілітаційний гольф-кемп для підлітків ВПО та дітей військових з клубу СвіТИ.
Підрозділи Edem Clinic та Edem Golf поставили за мету допомогти дітям повернути барви життя. Гольф - неймовірна рухова активність на природі, яка з легкістю відновлює фізичне і психічне здоров'я, робить профілактику агресивної, деструктивної поведінки, зменшує частоту і важкість негативних наслідків для психічного здоров'я в умовах війни.
Sport program
Golf is more than a sport. First of all, it is an indicator of the aristocracy, the
game for the winners. Edem Golf Club is the first Golf club in Western
Ukraine. Practice the hitting techniques at the driving range, compete in
agility and just admire the serenity of nature. Acquire the taste of victory
when you score the first ball holed!
Plan my vacation
What if to forget about your everyday worries, to turn off the phone and finally relax? Immediately you are transferred to a place where it's nice and quiet, where you don't need to decide anything and to worry. In Edem Resort Medical & SPA, we shall plan a vacation for you, you can do nothing, just relax and enjoy.
Dedicate the first day to getting acquainted with the Edem Resort. Our staff will give you a tour of the complex and after settling in the room, you can try our eco-kitchen in one of the restaurants. The perfect completion will be a visit to the SPA complex.
Wake up in Edem, go out on the balcony with a cup of coffee and enjoy the company of the forest and lake. This morning inspires a new nature. It's time to compete in agility, playing golf. And after sports you can relax for a casual conversation at the hookah lounge-bar.
Third day should remain in your memory forever. Try something active. Paddleboats, quads or SUP - let adrenaline pulsing
in the body. And in the evening try the wine tasting set in the restaurant DеVine because you need to enjoy the taste of life in its entirety.
You're probably already familiar with tennis and know what to do with the
racket. At first glance it is a simple kind of sport. But everything changes
when you go out on a tennis court. The body uses the maximum of its
capacity to achieve results. Muscles are constantly working, improving
coordination of hands and feet. And that's not all. You create a game
strategy, tactics, track the ball and blows, activate the brain areas and train
endurance. Tennis is a challenge; therefore, compete for the title of best
racket of Edem.
Water fitness
An effective kind of aerobics, which helps to develop muscles, promotes
weight loss, shapes the correct posture and improves joint function. And
how nice is to spend time in the pool which is filled with spring water.
Improve your health, appearance and, the main thing - mood!
Yoga is not only a fashionable hobby. It is an ancient philosophical doctrine
that preserved the wisdom of the ancestors. Perhaps, that is the reason why it
retains its popularity today. Ideal for those seeking the way to harmony and
balance. And the result – peace for soul and body.
Kinesis is a movement, and the movement is life. Modern technique of
kinesitherapy teaches the culture of movements, and most importantly – how
to load the muscles in the correct way. Kinesis shows that the misuse of
one's physical potential can harm, so the main thing is not what you're doing,
but how it is done.
Mini football
This is the game that the whole world loves. The beauty of nature, cheerful
company and exciting game. Create a tournament between your friends;
enjoy the vibe of team game! Enjoy all the thrill of playing with the
company in a small field overlooking the Lake of Youth and the forest. And
after an active day reward yourself with relaxation in the SPA-center.
Nordic walking
A simple and effective method of recreation and relaxation. This type of
walk is adopted from the Nordic countries and now is popular all over the
world. Nordic walking with sticks is striking in its effectiveness: it involves
into working 40% more muscle than when you are riding a bicycle and 45%
more than when you are running.
Fitness remains at the sport Olympus for several decades. Light, lively and
cheerful, you forget that you are engaged in sports, and the body gets the
right shapes.
Cheerful music, drive and energy - along with fitness your body revives!
Pedal go-karts, quads
The adrenaline is not just a blowout of the hormone, but the rush of new
energy. Thanks to the extreme sensations, the body improves muscle tone
several times, expands the breathing passages, so oxygen is better supplied
to all organs, increases pain threshold, and even improves mental health.
Keep your drive and thirst for adventure and enjoy extreme in full!
Power yoga
One of the newest fitness trends already surprised with its efficiency. The
combination of movement and statics, relaxation and concentration to build
a beautiful and strong body.
Power Yoga calms and disarms, with it you forget about worries and
external factors. The most important is what's inside you.
SUP surfing is a new sport that already conquered the whole world. Imagine
that you combine Canoeing and surfing. Unlike surfing and windsurfing, for
SUP are not needed wind and large waves. Do SUP surfing even on calm
water or against the current. Catch the wave of positive emotions and add to
your life a little bit of Hawaiian Exotics!
Fly-yoga is a synthesis of yoga, stretching and air gymnastics elements.
This type of bodily practice suits best those people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.
Fly-yoga promotes the renewal of the whole body, develops flexibility and agility, prevents injuries, increases muscular strength and endurance.
Physiological stress on muscles and joints will provide the feeling of legerity, and the combination of exercises with antigravity effect will unload the spine and neck.
Clarity of mind, memory improvement, mood improvement, relaxation and stress relief – a list of benefits from yoga in hammocks which is still far from being complete.
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12+ Concept

The 12+ concept is currently suspended. You can stay in the Edem Country with children of all ages, but there are some restrictions. For details, please contact the reservation department or your personal manager.