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To hear silence in the noise, to find calm among all worries. Having got inspired by new impressions, you perceive your body in a new way and give it a new lease of life.
1-day programs
1-day program
SPA-Day "Anti-age SPA"
SPA-Day "Anti-age SPA" was developed for quick wellness renewal of youth, toning, strengthening and re-energizing of organism. As a result – the skin becomes soft and silky. Nourishing ingredients add strength, and aromatherapy provides calming effect. Spa complexes in Ukraine make it possible to use this service.
1-day program
SPA-Day "Regeneration"
Dedicate a day to the fight against toxins in internal and external mediums of the organism. Get detoxifying and rejuvenating effect. This program helps to achieve weight loss, decreases swelling and lymphostasis, removes toxins from the body and aids to metabolism activation. Spa resorts are the best solution for these tasks.
1-day program
SPA-Day "Relaxation"
SPA-Day "Relaxation" combines ancient oriental rituals for health and beauty. Dip yourself into the world of aromatic spices, natural yogurt and fruits, wonderful dance of silk. The procedure provides relax and restores the organism balance. The best spa hotels are sure to offer such a service.
Three-day programs
Three-day programs
Anti-stress Weekend
A lot of pleasant sensations are a 3-day Anti-stress SPA-weekend program.
Devote the weekend to body rest. The program is suitable for men and women who know the true value of time and health. Experiment with different types of SPA-rest and find the perfect one for yourself. Western Ukraine's spa hotels will help you relax quickly on weekends without spending time on the long haul.
Three-day programs
East style weekend
East style weekends is a program that is full of therapeutic procedures. Light herbal scents and oils will give you freshness in each Ayurvedic ritual, which act gently and delicately, and the result of their influence will be - continuous relaxation. After these procedures, your skin will refresh, shine and become smooth
Three-day programs
Tired of the daily ultra-fast life of the metropolis? Then you need this program. It will restore the body in a short period of time. Express procedures are designed to simulate your body at a rapid pace. Spa hotel Edem is waiting for you!
Three-day programs
The program "SPA Detox" - a modern express-course on the improvement, which is based on the processes of relaxation and purification of the body. the program is designed in such a way that you first restore harmony with your inner spiritual world, and then activate all your physical strength.
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12+ Concept

The 12+ concept is currently suspended. You can stay in the Edem Country with children of all ages, but there are some restrictions. For details, please contact the reservation department or your personal manager.