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Кабинет качественной косметологии в Edem
кабинет медицинской диагностики
Грязевое обертывание
True beauty is health.

Center of health recovery

To reach the goal you must first go.
Medical programs

Prevention and Treatment Сenter of overweight children
Improve the long-term health and quality of life of children
Restoration for victims of the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine
Detox NEW
The program aims at the body detoxification, that is, cleansing and removal of exo - and endotoxins that accumulate, as a result of improper nutrition, environmental factors, stress and a sedentary lifestyle.
The program is designed to provide a quick repair of the health spent on complex and hard work, to fill the emotional component of life.
Mental Health
The Mental Health program is based on psychotherapeutic techniques, respiratory practices, yoga therapy, and restorative procedures for the body, with which the effect of integrity is achieved.
Detox Body
The program of deep influence on the structure of the body improves skin elasticity, tone and contours, prevents skin aging.
Productivity recovery
The program is designed to provide a quick repair of the health spent on complex and hard work, to fill the emotional component of life. It’s recommended for workaholics, people in the early stages of emotional burnout, initial presentations of chronic fatigue syndrome. The program is conducted under the supervision of the doctor.
Recovery and detection of diseases risks
The program is based on four evidence-based approaches to the organism: prediction, prevention, personalization, and prevention.
Tension reducing
Express program "Tension reducing" — is a comprehensive cleansing of the body for your complete reset and transition to a new level of health without chronic fatigue.
Detox Body&Mind
The program provides for organic and psychoemotional detoxification, purification and elimination of exo- and endotoxins accumulated in the body as a result of improper lifestyle (day regimen, food ration and eating disorders, chronic stress), environmental factors, sedentary lifestyles.
Массаж головы в спа центре Edem Resort
Do you want to take a little break to restore energy and improve wellbeing? You will have three days, enough to restart the body and restore your lost power. The program Re-energy is the most efficient recovery method, developed by our medical centre Edem Resort.
Fithealth offers scientifically-based approach to shaping and improving health. The program changes thinking about the organism as a whole, because it combines the right combination of physical education, sport, course of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.
Oleksii Bashkirtsev
Chief physician
Head doctor Edem Clinic – Oleksiy Bashkirtsev:
• candidate of medical science, doctor of medicine.
• Edem Clinic, Medical Director (Chief Physician)
• Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine: Chicago, IL, US
• Editor-in-chief of the science magazine Antiaging Eastern Europe
• Member of the Council of Science Editors Board: Wheelat Ridge, Colorado, US
• Current member of SingularityU Kyiv (direction of Exponential medicine)
• Law degree, Faculty of Sociology and Law, Kyiv
• A full member of the Aspen Institute, Kyiv
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    Oleksii Bashkirtsev
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12+ Concept

The 12+ concept is currently suspended. You can stay in the Edem Country with children of all ages, but there are some restrictions. For details, please contact the reservation department or your personal manager.