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True beauty is health.
Center of health recovery
To reach the goal you must first go.
Oleksii Bashkirtsev
Chief physician
The candidate of medical Sciences, chief physician of the Edem Resort Medical & SPA, who has 25 years of experience in medicine - Oleksii Bashkirtsev. His brainchild, the Centre for health recovery at Edem Resort Medical & SPA.
Kuleshko Yuliia
Yuliia Kuleshko conducts a detailed analysis of the condition of the skin. After that, she identifies problems and solves them by using a machine (aimed at deep cleansing and rejuvenation) and manual (using active molecules of hyaluronic acid that nourishes the skin with moisture) cosmetology. With the help of leading techniques of cosmetology Yuliia helps to delay the aging process of the skin, improves its condition and prevents future problems.
Kruchek Myroslava
Specialist in functional diagnostics
Specialist in ultrasound diagnostics, Kruchek Myroslava, assesses the health of visitors of medical programs, diagnose organs in order to adjust the program according to individual needs.
After a general diagnosis, the physicians finally approve a modified program and develop the course of medical program.
Konanets Liliia
Therapist, gastroenterologist
The physician performs medical support for guests. She is the curator of the medical program, overseeing its development. Liliia Bronislavivna is responsible for an individual approach to the medical health of each guest, reviews the indications and contraindications, and as a result corrects the programs according to physical features.
Levadnyi Dmytro
The Head of the fitness Department
Dmytro is responsible for the physical health of medical guests. In order to improve the results of health programs he combines the necessary exercise to achieve maximum results. After medical examination and adjustment of the sports program he holds individual sessions with the guests, teaching them the culture of physical development, attaches to various outdoor activities.
Savchak Valentyna
Nutritionist main activity of Valentyna in the center of the health restoration is to develop programs of nutrition and healing. She provides medical support and advice to the guests on the program
  • Oleksii Bashkirtsev
  • Kuleshko Yuliia
  • Kruchek Myroslava
  • Konanets Liliia
  • Levadnyi Dmytro
  • Savchak Valentyna
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