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Fithealth Program

Look at health care in the new way. Fithealth offers scientifically-based approach to shaping and improving health. The program changes thinking about the organism as a whole, because it combines the right combination of physical education, sport, course of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.
  • 3 days
  • 7 days
  • 10 days
  • weight adjustment and problem areas correction
  • improving of metabolism
  • strengthening of the muscle corset of the back
  • improvement of well-being
The program includes:
Fithealth 3 days
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Fithealth 7 days
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Fithealth 10 days
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Available reservation from 10.07.2020

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Fithealth 3 days
Fithealth 7 days
Fithealth 10 days
It is one of most effective express programs, which incorporates the most productive techniques of modern fitness. It is an
integrated approach of this Program, coupled with medical diagnostics, which allows to make an individual progress and choose
the shortest way to achieve results. The Program is appropriate for both untrained persons and professional athletes. It allows to
succeed in losing weight, sports rehabilitation, development of relevant techniques in physical exercising and promotion of one’s
posture as well as local impacts on problem or desired zones.
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12+ Concept

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