Кручек Мирослава медична діагностика
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Kruchek Myroslava

Specialist in functional diagnostics

Physician of the 1 category, in 2005 received the certificate of the specialist in ultrasonic diagnostics, regularly visits international and national seminars, a participant of the IV annual  conference “Anti-age as a lifestyle.

In 2010, she completed the course in ECHO cardiography of the heart at Kyiv Academy of postgraduate education named after P. L. Shupyk. Participant of the meetings of Lviv branch of the Association of specialists in ultrasound diagnostics.
Specialist in ultrasound diagnostics, Kruchek Myroslava, assesses the health of visitors of medical programs, diagnose organs in order to adjust the program according to individual needs.
After a general diagnosis, the physicians finally approve a modified program and develop the course of medical program.

12+ Concept

Edem Resort Medical & SPA makes your holiday perfect. Entry to the territory is allowed for children more than 12 years. This is due to the fact that health programs at the Center for Health Recovery require maximum peace and relaxation in order to improve their physical and mental health. Because peace and tranquility are the way to achieve inner harmony.