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Oleksii Bashkirtsev

Chief physician

Head doctor Edem Clinic – Oleksiy Bashkirtsev:
• candidate of medical science, doctor of medicine.
• Edem Clinic, Medical Director (Chief Physician)
• Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine: Chicago, IL, US
• Editor-in-chief of the science magazine Antiaging Eastern Europe
• Member of the Council of Science Editors Board: Wheelat Ridge, Colorado, US
• Current member of SingularityU Kyiv (direction of Exponential medicine)
• Law degree, Faculty of Sociology and Law, Kyiv
• A full member of the Aspen Institute, Kyiv

Clinical way in medicine Oleksiy Vadymovich began in 1992. He gained professional experience from a paramedic to a cardiologist, and later headed an inphartic department in the Central City Hospital of Kyiv, where he became deputy chief doctor in medicine and on-site work of the hospital. Under his leadership the Information Center in Kyiv was opened and put into operation.
The author and the head of the object of the medical and diagnostic center “Dobrobut”, and later the chief doctor of the SC “Dobrobut”.

In 2014 he defended his thesis on the specialty “Cardiology”. Author of many scientific works, permanent participant and speaker at international scientific conferences, symposiums and round tables.

Oleksiy Vadymovich is constantly staying abroad in the sphere of Anti-Age medicine, medicine of recovery, therapy and management. During the whole administrative stage of work, Oleksiy Bashkirtsev combined management and management positions, simultaneously engaged in medical practice according to his medical specialty. An expert in the field of anti-age medicine proves that beauty and longevity is the result of respect for itself, because the main principle of the doctor is not to allow the disease to occur.

Created the Edem Clinic concept. The complex of rehabilitation in the clinic consists of the following young people: Diagnosis, treatment, nutrition and dietology, body and fitness biomechanics, body esthetics, face and hair, SPA, as well as a separate department of science and innovation. Introduced modern strategy in approach to the guest – 5P medicine (personalization, prevention, partisanship and precision).

“Our guest understands the value of investing in health. Intensification of the processes of rejuvenation, healthy lifestyle, the course of longevity – not just beautiful words, but continued work over itself. Remember that health is a balance between human genetic code, lifestyle, age and environment. In order to preserve youth, health and longevity it is necessary to be in harmony first of all with each other,” the doctor notes.

12+ Concept

The 12+ concept is currently suspended. You can stay in the Edem Country with children of all ages, but there are some restrictions. For details, please contact the reservation department or your personal manager.