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Corporate training

Corporate training

Corporate training is an effective tool in achieving business goals in today's
business world. On the Golf course we will place banners with advertising
information and company logo. Prove your superiority on the playing course,
because life loves winners. The program of Edem Golf Club corporate training’s:

– group and individual sessions with the coaches
– organization of competitions and tournaments for employees and partners
– games and competitions
– the Banquet in the tent or out-of-door

Group (corporate) golf tournaments

– meeting and tour on golf carts
– reservation of a golf course – 3 hours
– introduction to the etiquette, rules, history and traditions of the game
– mastering new clubs and techniques, working on shots
– group master class from a coach on the driving range
– coffee break / sandwiches
– practice on training grounds and large field
– mini tournament
– deciding winners

Price 800 UAH per person