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The art possesses an invisible force that gives an inspiration to live. It would seem that ordinary picture, sculpture, poetry. But it allows you to see life in a new way.
Art space Edem
Our Projects
Opening of the Art space Edem
Art gives you the opportunity to see life in new ways, to find inspiration in everyday things. It gives meaning to a hard human existence. We want it to become a part of our lives, as essential as the air.
Art space Edem is first architectural and sculptural park in the Ukrainian landscape. Over time the hotel has become a selected art museum. In its territory and in the hotel are kept the unique works of art, rarities and artifacts: furniture, paintings, sculptures, books and the like.
Art space attracts young talents and creates a platform for development and communication. And their work and inspiration are embodied in the new projects; give an opportunity to feel the power of beauty.
Homo Bulla
The Homo Bulla is a metaphorical perception of the world from the famous Ukrainian sculptor Masha Kulikovskaya. Inspired by the energy of Edem, she wanted to leave part of herself.
So on the slopes of the Temple Mount, a Homo Bulla project appeared. His name from Latin is a metaphorical statement about human life, which is depicted in the form of a soap bubble. It floats in all the colors of the rainbow for only a few minutes and quickly breaks from the slightest breath.
The first works of Masha were shot in Donetsk. So Homo Bulla is a reincarnation of hell into heaven. Sculptures are made from the imprint of their own body by special technology. One of the allegories of sculptures is the remission of experiences and the filling of the soul with purity and light.
Art Cube
The project ‘Art Cube’ is presented by Art space, Edem and the public organization ‘Free’ (Vilni) during the jazz Festival in Lviv. Within two days the artists on the main avenue of the Park Named after B.Khmelnytskyi have shown the complicated installation, equipped with an interactive led and conducted the cognominal performance to support the event.
Now ‘Art Cube’ is traveling around the country and attracts new artists from different cities of Ukraine.
My heaven on the earth
In summer in the Art Space Edem there was conducted a plain-air painting where we gathered a whole galaxy of contemporary artists from all over Ukraine.
The artists lived in Edem a few weeks and worked on ‘My heaven on the earth’.’ Now these paintings adorn the interior of the hotel and Art space. Every year we plan to hold three similar events.

12+ Concept

The 12+ concept is currently suspended. You can stay in the Edem Country with children of all ages, but there are some restrictions. For details, please contact the reservation department or your personal manager.