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Recipe from Olga Filatova: how to recharge your batteries

Olga Filatova: Health Management, or how to recharge your batteries?

— A conversation with Olga Filatova, the founder and ideological inspire of Edem Resort Medical & SPA. According to Échapper 2018 magazine, you are in the TOP-9 the best clinics in the world along with such leaders as LancerhofChenotSha. Why Edem Resort? “There is no need to hurry anywhere, the clock hands stop their circulation so that you stop and enjoy the beauty of the moment.” It is as if you are born again in such an atmosphere, you understand a different essence of existence. Therefore, it is here that we created the Center for Health Recovery — after all, not only the body is restored there, but also the soul. One of the best resorts in Europe, located in the center of Europe, just 26 km from Lviv, Edem Resort Medical & SPA is a place of power, which, once visited, you will not be able to forget. You know a lot about health. At the same time, with enthusiasm and at times you are working steadily. Do you like to travel. How to manage everything and not forget about the main thing — your well-being? — The beauty of life is its variability and dynamics. The world offers us millions of opportunities, and we must use them. Your health, beauty and mood is a personal choice. It doesn’t matter where you live, how much you earn and how much you work. After all, the main thing is to be able to respect yourself. It is necessary to develop a culture of your life, where body care, its regular detoxification, sports, proper nutrition, active recreation, intellectual workloads and, of course, good mood are harmoniously combined. We preach such life wisdom in Edem Resort Medical & SPA. Each of our guests is like a new project for the entire Center for Health Recovery, and we want him to undergo a course of physical, moral and spiritual recovery. In Eden, we combined a five-star hotel, a health recovery center, 5 restaurants of author’s cuisine, an SPA, an art center, a golf club — all that is needed for complete balance. After all, Edem is a separate country of harmony and peace. What is the main task of the Health Recovery Center? Health begins with prevention. Protectiveness is close to the word “prevention.” 99% of Western medicine is intended for the treatment of serious symptoms of the disease. In modern medicine, more than 99% of the money and time is spent on curing existing diseases and less than 1% on prevention. A person does not wait when he gets sick, he acts in advance, managing his well-being: he leads a correct lifestyle, exercises, he eats properly, he is proactive. But pro activity requires effort, enthusiasm and lack of laziness. This concerns not only health, but also work, relations with the world. I mean, are you changing the person’s perception of his health? Consider: according to world statistics and the World Health Organization, human health depends on medicine by only 10%, another 15% depends on heredity, and everything else depends on the person himself. The human body is a self-regulating system, where everything is interconnected. Therefore, it is necessary to treat not the external manifestation of an imbalance in the body — the disease — by taking multiple medications, which, in turn, suppress the body’s ability to self-regulate (immunity). On the contrary, it is necessary to strengthen the body’s ability to self-regulate, because the disease is a violation of the integrity of the body, and for its elimination it is necessary to use a systematic approach. Why do experts say that health is, above all, harmony? Health is the balance between our way of being and the world around us. It is harmony with oneself and with the environment. Health depends on the balance between the opposite forces of the body: acid and alkali, heat and cold, absorption and excretion, etc. The basic law of life is maintaining homeostasis, or dynamic equilibrium. Each body tends to homeostasis. The task of the doctor is first of all to help the action of the healing forces of nature in restoring balance, to teach a person to be healthy. It is necessary to understand why the disease has come to us, about what disharmony in our worldview and lifestyle she says. What caused this imbalance? Nutrition? Thoughts? Behavior? Routine? To really change your state of health, to begin to really change in all respects, you must take responsibility for your life and for your illnesses. What is Health Management? Health Management implies system monitoring of a person’s health without significant time costs. Our specialists monitor the changes in the health of our guests and react to changes even before people begin to notice them. Early correction gives a really amazing result. Health Management is not a panacea for all ills, a prescription for a magic potion or medicines that will solve all your health problems at once. We propose to comprehend the principles of what is called lifestyle modification. We give recommendations based on the most modern research in the field of preventive and functional medicine, anti-aging medicine, gynecology, oncology, cardiology and neurology, and psychology. Following them, transforming them into good habits, over time, you notice that your lifestyle is gradually changing and modifying, which invariably entails a general improvement in well-being and getting rid of past ailments. It is important to teach a person to cope with stress, to manage their own health and not to be led by intrusive advertising or advice from non-professionals. This is the true concern for yourself. — Olga Nikolaevna, you manage to be active and cheerful non-stop. What is the secret of a professional? — I believe in what I do and use only proven methods of energy recovery, rebooting and cleansing the body for both myself and guests. One of the most effective methods is detoxification, which we use at the Center for Health Recovery. Detox program is aimed at cleansing the body of toxins, which tend to accumulate throughout life. Thanks to an integrated approach that combines diagnostics and a personalized choice of treatment methods, the body rejuvenates, blood circulation and well-being are improved, metabolism is accelerated, weight is normalized, and a feeling of lightness and energy is full. So what do you mean by these words — the meaning of life?   — They often say: live as if this is your last day. And I do the opposite — I live as if I will live forever. I do what I love, what really matters to me. Today everyone is in a hurry, running, and their lives are running away with them. I say: Stop. Close your eyes and listen. It’s you. You yourself know what you need and how to do it. Freud said: freedom is the ability to want what you really want. This is the meaning of life — to be yourself.

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Edem Resort Medical & SPA makes your holiday perfect. Entry to the territory is allowed for children more than 12 years. This is due to the fact that health programs at the Center for Health Recovery require maximum peace and relaxation in order to improve their physical and mental health. Because peace and tranquility are the way to achieve inner harmony.