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Aesthetics, dermatology and hair treatment

Center of Health Recovery of Edem Resort
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Porcelain skin and shiny hair - experts in aesthetics and dermatology will select an individual program and will take into account all distinguishing characteristics of a body, to preserve one’s youth and freshness.
- injection methods: thread lift, contour correction, botulinotherapy, mesonic neck, face, decollate, wrist therapy
- machine cosmetology of face
- machine cosmetology of body
- peelings and their combinations
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Contour correction is an injection method that is carried out with the help of special fillers on the basis of hyaluronic acid. This method is suitable for those who want to change the shape of lips, correct lip asymmetry, correct the shape of the nose, change facial contours, add volume locally (nosolabial fold, nasolacrimal cavern, cheekbone, flown line, cicatrical skin changes).
While applying contour correction method it becomes possible to correct the outside appearance of lips, nosolabial folds, nasolacrimal cavern, chin and cheekbone, preorbital area, forhead area, smooth wrinkles. To reach efficiency it is advisable to have one manipulation a year.
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Thread lift is an injection method where special threads are used that correct facial contours locally. During thread face lift, tissues move and then are fixed in the needed location.

This method is suitable for those who want maximum result to prevent skin ageing. This is preparation and rehabilitation after a suntan, before and after rough manipulations in the integral anti-age therapy. Clear cut facial contour, smoothing wrinkles, local facial area zone correction are the result of the method.
To reach effectiveness of the lift 4-6 sessions are required to be conducted from 1 to 3 times a year.
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Botulinotherapy is a method of injections for skin rejuvenation with applying present-day A type botulotoxin agents – natural refined protein that is able to relax hyper active facial muscle that provoke for mimic lines.
Adults under 65 with initial hyperhidrosis have strongly marked frown line, crown feet, marionette folds.
To enhance efficiency it is required to go through 1 procedure with possible correction in two weeks every 4-6 months.
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Mesonic therapy of face, neck, decollete, wrist – the treatment improves skin health, reduces the number of wrinkles and folds, eliminates local fat depot, pigmented spots, enhances resilence and flexibility of the skin cover. This trestment is suitable for those who need eliminate skin problems:
- poor skin turgor
- dry skin
- dehydrated skin
- tissue abasement “tired look”
- skin induration
- loss of hair
- comedone
- scars
- local fat depot
- couperosis
To reach the result 4-6 treatments are required (interval between treatment 7-10 days). Course of treatment is conducted 1-3 times a year.
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Machine cosmetology – this is a non-injection oxygen mesonic therapy, that is applied with the help of Jet Leox de Luxe apparatus. Penetrating deep into the skin, useful substances fully nourish and regenerate all the skin layers, including the deepest ones. The skin is cleared from the cork cells, that are accumulated in the upper layers. As a result of this there are fewer wrinkles, pigmentation and acne disappear.
This is a suitable treatment for young people that would like to improve the condition of skin and have some precautions about injecting methods.
For the efficient result it is advised to conduct 4 procedures once a month.
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Vacuum hydro peeling is a deep cleansing method of skin with Hydrafacial apparatus by means of a discardable cap applying rejuvenating and moisturizing serum. A sinergy of three components is in its basis – mechanic exfoliation, multi-functional serum influence and a stimulating action of a vacuum, that noticeably improve the look of the skin.
This method is applicable for the people with the following skin conditions:
- age-related changes
- first and second degree acne
- pitted acne scars
- oily skin, enlarged pores
- dry and dehydrated skin
- hyperpigmentation
- dyskeratosis
- face swelling
- body stretches and ingrown hairs
- hand skin care
- back skin care
The treat combines express care, SPA cleansing, hydro chemical acid peeling, that influences on several skin conditions simultaneously, improves colour, relief, skin texture.
To reach effectiveness it is required to conduct 4-10 procedures once or twice a week.
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Radiolifting is treatment conducted through a Viora V-touch apparatus, that works over rejuvenation, induration, skin tightening with regulated derma warm-up.
This procedure is applicable for the people with the following skin conditions:
- photodamaged skin (thin, dark, uneven colour and relief)
- dermatolysis and atonic skin
- atrophic scars – pitted acne scars, stretches, chickenpox scars
- demand for facial contours correction
- age-related changes, eye-around, neck, decollete wrinkles
Type of treatment is identified individually by a professional. In general it is 3-4 treatments every 2-4 weeks. For stretches treatment 8-10 procedures and more are needed (to reach the desirable result) every 2-3 weeks. To improve quality of the wrist skin 6 treatments are needed every 2-3 weeks.
Result maintaining treatment of ST thermo-lifting is conducted once in 3-6 months.
For the FR rejuvenating/treatment 3-4 procedures are required in 4-6 weeks.
To treat scars 8 or more treatments are needed in 4-6 weeks to reach the desirable result.
Result maintaining treatment should carried out once in 6-12 months.
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Fractional rejuvenation is a treatment through Viora V-touch apparatus that combines skin surface manipulation, its rejuvenation, regenerates it and improves its colour and also stimulates it to replace old collagen for new. Skin renewal, elastance, flexibility and even colour are the result of treatment.
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Manual aesthetic medicine combines skin care with massaged and cosmetics. This is natural skin care that makes it flexible and radiant. This treatment is suitable for those who prefer individual skin care by a professional and takes care of its healthy and fresh look. To make treatment effective it is required to take 4 treatments with the frequency of once a week.
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Botofill treatment is an alternative to injection methods. It combines anti-aging massage with applying Botofil Infusion, an active booster which is a complex on the basis of hyaluronic acid that provides a “double moisture” effect. It stimulates collagen, reduces deep wrinkles, adds resilience and flexibility. One more active component is retinol that promotes regeneration and rejuvenation, while vitamin C clarifies pigment spots and strengthens capillary vessels.
This is suitable for people who have expressive facial gestures but do not want to use botox. Also it is suitable for those who have tired looking skin, amorphic facial contours, expressive facial, neck and decollete muscles as a result of stress; for smokers, for young people who want to prevent skin aging physically. The course treatment consists of 6-12 procedures conducted once a week.
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Stretching face massage is a powerful technique of rejuvenating the basis of which has slow and fluent moves in combination with twisting and kneading. A strain muscle recovers its tonus, bloodstream and metabolism are improved. Active lymph and blood stimulation allows to remove toxins successfully and quickly. As a result of the first manipulation face colour improves, forehead, around eye, lip and nosolabial area wrinkles are smoothed and facial contours are corrected.
It is suitable for those who have tired looking skin, amorphic facial contours, strained facial, neck decollete muscles as a result of stress or smoking. It is also suitable for young people who want to prevent skin aging physically. To reach the desirable effect it is advised to take 6-12 manipulations once a week.

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