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Unique 3-day program
Anti-stress SPA-weekend
3-day Anti-stress SPA-weekend program consists of numerous pleasurable sensations. Devote your weekend to relaxation of your body.
This program will match men and women who know real value of time and health. Try out various types of SPA-recreation and find ideal ones for you.
  • 3 days
  • Organism rebooting
  • Restoration of strength and energy
  • Balance of the body, mind and soul
The program includes:
Anti-stress Weekend
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Anti-stress Weekend
  • Hydro-, phyto- and aromatherapy
  • Mud and phytotherapy with floating
  • Energetic hydromassage Vichy Shower
  • Session in a SPA-capsule with peat wrap
  • Energetic hydromassage Sharko Shower
  • Cosmetologist advice and skin diagnostics using Soft plus apparatus
  • SPA prevention advice
  • Oil massage “Gift”
  • Regenerating wraps with precious minerals
  • Energetic massage with hot volcanic stones
  • Lulur massage – dance with silk
  • Careful treatment from Java and Bali islands
  • Group fitness trainings (Body Tonic; Body strong; Circular yoga dance; Nordic walking; SUP-training; water fitness)
  • Neuromuscular relaxation – Yoga
  • Use of SPA-area (pool; gym; Roman sauna; Russian steam bath; Finnish sauna; hammam chairs; hydromassage mini pool; Swiss circular douche; Impression Shower; the Kneipp way; ice fountain; phyto bar)
  • Dietetic nutrition 5 times a day

Cost of investments in your health – EUR 660.

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