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Take a fresh look at health care. Fithealth offers a science-based approach to body shaping and well-being. The program changes the perception of the body as a whole, because it combines physical education, sports, a course of diagnosis, treatment and recovery.
  • 3 days
  • 7 days
  • 10 days
  • adjustment of weight and problem areas
  • metabolic process improvement
  • improvement of the back muscle corset
  • improvement of well-being
The program includes:
Fithealth 3 days
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Fithealth 7 days
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Fithealth 10 days
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Fithealth 3 days
Fithealth 7 days
Fithealth 10 days
One of the most effective express programs that incorporates the most effective
methods of modern fitness. It is the integrated approach of this program in combination with
medical diagnostics enable individual progress and the choice of the shortest
ways to achieve the result. The program is suitable for both trained people and for
professional athletes. Provides goals such as weight loss, athletic
rehabilitation, the formation of equipment during exercises and posture, local effects
to problem or desired areas.

Aimed at:
- Correction of weight and metabolic processes;
- Local impact on desired or problem areas;
- Strengthening the muscular corset of the back;
- Achieving personal results, getting a beautiful aesthetic figure and well-being;
- Harmonious development of a physically and spiritually healthy person.
* At the beginning of the program, we recommend that you consult a doctor. The cost of the program
consultation is not included.

Procedure Name:
- Functional testing of the level of physical fitness;
- Group fitness training (Circular Yoga Dance, Aqua Aerobics, Power Balance, Body Tonic, Running, Nordic Walking);
- Individual training according to specially developed methods of rehabilitation therapists Hydro-, phyto-, aromatherapy (mineral sports and recovery baths: sulfuric and sports);
Mud, phytotherapy with floating;
- Energy hydro massage (Sharko shower - sport);
- Sports-toning massage of various muscle groups during training;
- Massage of the scalp and cervical-collar zone;
- Connective tissue massage;
- Massage the abdomen (a combination of manual, hardware and contrasting techniques);
- Dietary nutrition 5 times a day;
- Nutraceutical maintenance (adaptogens, vitamins, amino acid mixtures);
- Use of the SPA-zone (pool; gym; Roman sauna; Russian bath; Finnish sauna; hammam chairs; mini-pool, Swiss shower (circular), “Shower of impressions”; Kneipp path, ice fountain, phytobar).
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12+ Concept

Edem Resort Medical & SPA makes your holiday perfect. Entry to the territory is allowed for children more than 12 years. This is due to the fact that health programs at the Center for Health Recovery require maximum peace and relaxation in order to improve their physical and mental health. Because peace and tranquility are the way to achieve inner harmony.