Нутрицевтика и диетология в Edem Resort
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Edem Resort Health Center
Medical centre
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Take care of your health by completing a medical course diagnostics conducted by the specialists of the Medical Center. The will examine the whole body and will help to prevent diseases. Since beauty starts from the inside.
- doctor’s advice from a physical therapist, osteopath, dermatologist, beauty therapist, neurologist, dietitian, cardiologist, nutritionist, aesthetic medicine therapist
- blood analysis and laboratory analysis (general, biochemical, hormone panel, allergy panel and others)
- Ultrasound diagnostics (including abdominal organs, heart, blood vessels, glandula)
- cardiopulmonary loading test
- stress cardio test
- 24 hour holter monitoring test
- body composition analysis (adipose mass, secretion, bone mass, internal fat, fasting metabolism, metabolic age)
- bioenergetic examination qest 4 (Azira)
Medical centre
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Laboratory analyses
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Thanks to laboratory analyses of blood and urine we determine the performance efficiency of liver, kidneys, Lipemic index, carbohydrate metabolism, blood rheological performance, detect main markers of blood vessels inflamation and also predictors of the main risk factors. Diagnostics is required to be conducted on an empty stomach.
Ultrasound diagnostics
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Ultrasound diagnostics of abdominal organs, heart, blood vessels, glandula – with the help of ultrasound diagnostic scanner we conduct a thorough examination of the thyroid body structure, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, adrenal body, urinary bladder, spleen. Innovative post picture processing, expand visualization enable the doctors to evaluate the state of inner organs, make an individual treatment program.
Cardiopulmonary loading test
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Cardiopulmonary loading test gives information on the maximum level of oxygen consumption by an organism during physical exercise. It determines level of training, physical endurance, anaerobic and aerobic threshold, training pulse rate areas, that are necessary at times of planning training sessions regime and evaluating the state of cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The test is carried out on a bicycle ergometer during an increasing level of load. The breathing process itself comes through a mask equipped with a sensing device that measures the amount and the speed of the oxygen consumption.
Cardiac stress test
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Owing to cardiac stress test you get information about the tolerance of your organism towards physical exercise and reaction of cardiovascular system on it. The examination helps to detect cardiac disease, the symptoms of which can be revealed at the top of the physical load. The test is carried out on a bicycle ergometer during an increasing level of load. A continuous track of cardiogram is recorded.
24 hour holter monitoring
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With the help of the examination you get information about the heart rate, available disruptions in its activity and its relation to certain influence that is developed. The examination is carried out by applying electrodes (attached to a portable apparatus) on a chest, that enables to record a cardiogram continuously in electronic version during at least 24 hours.
Body composition analysis
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Body composition analysis (adipose mass, secretion, bone mass, internal fat, basal metabolism, metabolic age) – this analysis will help to reach a correct balance between the amount of bone mass and fat mass, amount of secretion.
Laboratory assessment
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Before taking the program, the guests at Health Center Recovery undergo a detailed laboratory and instrumental diagnostics:
- examining the condition of the cardiovascular system
- activity of the respiratory system
- activity of abdominal cavity organs
- laboratory diagnostics of the carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
- endocrine profile condition
- detecting autoimmune, rheumatologic, infectious diseases, helminthic infection
- genetic tests to reveal earlier infections and autoimmune diseases.
With the help of a Western Blot it is possible to detect Crohn’s deisease, disseminated sclerosis, epilepsy, neuropathy, dimenting disease, autoimmune hepatitis, cirrhosis, sclerodermia, vasculitis. Biochips enable to detect premature antibodies of up to 14-20 causative agents of infectious diseases (borreliosis, yersiniosis, candidosis, listerellosis)
Medical programs
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12+ Concept

The 12+ concept is currently suspended. You can stay in the Edem Country with children of all ages, but there are some restrictions. For details, please contact the reservation department or your personal manager.