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Innovation and science

Edem Clinic
Медичний центр
Scientific activity

Scientific Director – Olena Zimba, MD, PhD, Associate Professor.

The current research interests of EDEM CLINIC relate to
-healthy aging
-anti-aging strategies
-personalized medicine
-rejuvenation therapies
-physical medicine and rehabilitation
-biomarkers of aging and efficacy of anti-aging therapies

EDEM CLINIC publishes Anti-Aging Eastern Europe – the platinum open-access peer-reviewed journal in the fields of aging, rejuvenation, immune rehabilitation, preventive, predictive and personalized medicine.
Editor-in-Chief: Oleksii Bashkirtsev, MD, PhD, Chief Physician of EDEM CLINIC.

Journal aims to publish evidence-based research, reviews, and other articles of interest to medical and healthcare professionals in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. The specific scope of interests will include topics related to ethical research by Ukrainian and Eastern European fellows with a special interest in anti-aging.

The following is the list of some priority research topics for this Journal:

-Innovations in pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of aging diseases
-Psychological, social, and environmental determinants of healthy aging
-Fertility, sexuality, reproductive health and aging
-Personalized medicine and aging
-Cell therapies and aging processes
-Rejuvenation therapies
-Physical medicine and rehabilitation in aging diseases
-Nutrition and anti-aging strategies
-Cancer and aging
-COVID-19 pandemic and aging
-Integrative medicine and aging
-Art and aging

EDEM CLINIC publications
-Bashkirtsev O, Sagan V, Gaevska V, Zimba O. BIOLOGICAL AGE ESTIMATION BASED ON HEART RATE VARIABILITY: A PILOT STUDY. Proc Shevchenko Sci Soc Med Sci [Internet]. 2021Dec.13 [cited 2022Jun.29];65(2). Available from:
-Bashkirtsev, O., & Zimba, O. (2022). AGING AND ANTI-AGING RESEARCH AND PUBLISHING PRIORITIES. Anti-Aging Eastern Europe, 1(1), 7-10. Retrieved from
-Bashkirtsev O, Sagan V, Zimba O. ECG AS A TOOL FOR ESTIMATING BIOLOGICAL AGE. European Association for Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine (EPMA) World Congress 2021, Warsaw, Poland.

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