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Edem Resort Health Center
Medical centre
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Use the potential of your organism. Reset, cleansing, restoration and relaxation – feel the birth of new power, where your body and mind have a common heartbeat.
- Detox is a program that aims at the body detoxification — 7, 10, 14
- Re-energy – 3
- Fithealth – 3, 7, 10
- Anti-stress SPA – 3
- Weighthealth – 7, 10, 14
- Anti-age – 7
- Skinhealth (body, face and hair aesthetics) – 3, 7,14
- Balneology (phyto, aroma, hydro treatment, hydrocolonotherapy, mineral waters(pump room), energy hydromassage: Charcot’s douche, Vichy shower, hypoxi therapy, pressotherapy, ozone therapy, apparatus treatment (vacuum roller massage, vibromassage, lipocontrast)
- biological centering
- bioenergetic correction
- body bio-mechanic evaluation
- massages (lymphatic drainage, connective tissue, meridian, head and cervical collar zone)
Medical centre
List of services
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Detox - Purification of the body is aimed at detoxification - the purification and removal of exo- and endotoxins, which accumulate as a result of malnutrition, environmental factors, stress and sedentary lifestyles.
The program deeply cleanses the body, removes toxins, promotes regeneration, reduces weight, improves vital tone and stops aging processes.
Duration -7,10,14 days.
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Re-energy - A 3-day energy recovery program that combines effective life-saving regeneration techniques.
Re-energy consists of massage, hydro and phyto procedures, a cosmetologist's consultation, proper nutrition and relaxation programs.
Express course is suitable for people who live in a rich life, work a lot and do not have time for long rest.
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Fithealth - Fithealth's Physical Recovery Program offers a scientifically-based approach to body shape correction and health improvement. The program changes the thinking of the whole body, because it combines the right physical education, sports, the course of diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Duration - 3, 7, 14 days.
As a result, visitors build a culture of physical education, restore vital forces, correct the figure, develop the physical, spiritual and mental body.
Anti-stress SPA-weekend
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3-day antistress rest is aimed at purifying the body, restoring its energy and internal balance. The program includes regenerative balneological procedures, SPA-rituals, oriental massage practices, fitness and dietary supplements. The course is suitable for those who want to take a small pause and rest, restart the body.
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Weighthealth - The program of weight loss is designed for 7,10,14 days. During this period, specialists create a personal rate of weight loss without harm to health and develop a healthy lifestyle program. The course combines body care, nutrition, sports and restoration of the body.
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Skinhealth - aesthetics of the body, face and hair for 3,7 and 14 days - these are medical procedures that combine the traditions of oriental medicine and European technology. The course is aimed at improving the condition of the skin and hair. As a result, the skin acquires natural beauty and freshness, hair - shine, strength, slowing down the aging process.
Phyto, aroma, hydrotherapy
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Phyto, aroma, hydrotherapy - relaxing muscles due to hydrotherapeutic underwater massage. The procedure is carried out in spring, mineral water, enriched with nutrients and minerals.
Thanks to this, the body is cleansed, it is fed with nutrients, it removes stress and fatigue.
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Hydrocolonoscopy is a way to cleanse the body by washing the intestines. As a result, the procedure removes toxins from the large and small intestines, liver and kidneys. It helps cleanse the body from the inside, the organs function better, and the body rejuvenates.
Treatment with mineral waters
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Mineral water in the pump room helps to eliminate toxins, purify the body from the inside, saturate with nutrients and add vitality.
On the basis of the Health Center, a mineral water pump room with a large range of healing properties functions:
 - Mud water - restores secretory and evacuation function of the gastrointestinal tract, is used in the treatment of pathology of gastroduodal, hepatobiliary, renal systems.
 - Biofeedback - stimulates renal blood circulation, secretory function of the kidneys, glomerular filtration, strengthens diuresis, normalizes water-electrolyte and acid-base balance, "acidifies" pH of urine, reduces bacteriuria, and also has a choleretic effect.
 - Bischofite has anti-inflammatory effect in gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, colitis.3.5 g /. 4. Vinnytsia is an extract from dark varieties of grapes containing rasvaratrol, apple, wine, citric, amber, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, detects antitumor, antithrombotic, hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic, antioxidant, capillary enhancing, immunomodulatory effect.
 - Morshinskaya water in breeding 3.5 g / l, 7.0 g / l and 14 g / l has antispasmodic, choleretic, diuretic effect.
Energy showers of Charcot and Vichy
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The Sharko Shower is a massage with the help of a directed flow of water under pressure of 3 to 4 atm, which has a massage, lymph drainage, tonic, lipolytic action.
Shower Vichy - a medical shower, which with small jets under variable pressure of water performs massage of reflex zones, improves blood circulation, sleep, mood, relieves fatigue, invigorates.
Hydrotherapy helps to improve blood circulation, accelerates the intake of nutrients, breaks fat cells and adjusts the shape.
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Hypoxitherapy is a procedure designed to detoxify and stimulate the protective mechanisms of the body, normalize the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems by supplying air with a low oxygen content in the lungs. To maximize the effect of the procedure, it is necessary to conduct daily procedures during the course of the program.
As a result, the normalization of metabolism, the elimination of toxins and slags, increased immunity, increased mental and physical activity, normalization of the functions of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
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Presotherapy - a method based on the rhythmic stimulation of the muscles in a certain sequence. It stimulates natural lymph drainage, reduces the amount of fluid and toxins in the tissues of the body.
Ozone therapy
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Ozone therapy - the procedure is carried out through the use of medical ozone. It enhances immunity, has an antiviral effect and is the prevention of influenza, quinsy, acute respiratory infections, and acute respiratory infections, especially during seasonal and general immunity decline.
Vacuum roller massage
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Vacuum roller massage - lymph drainage hardware-manual procedure using the effect of constant and frequency absorption stimulates the meridians of the excretory and hepatobiliary systems. The method is painless to promote the removal of toxins that are at a profound level. The effect of detoxification is enhanced by a chi-drainage gel and a slimming gel.
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Vibromassage is a medical procedure used to combat various diseases and to improve the condition after injuries and operations. Vibrating massage due to vibro-waves penetrating deep into the body, affects the body more effectively than regular massage.
Thermo-contrast lipolysis
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Thermo-contrast lipolysis - with the help of a non-injectable physioparatological method, the amount of fat cells decreases by their natural extinction. This is done due to the three-cyclic thermocontractable local effect on the skin and fat folds in conjunction with the vacuum action.
Biological centering
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Biological centering - the essence of the work of osteopath is perfect palpation and perception with manual microcosm on the fascial, vascular, liquid, neural levels that correspond to different body tissue densities and the available corresponding differentiated and integrative rhythmic activity.
Manual lymph drainage massage
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With the help of mild and deep movements, a specialist improves lymph flow and stimulates the flow of blood. As a result, accelerated detoxification of the body, the removal of free residual fluid from the intercellular space of venous drainage, resetting the lymphatic system by activating the excretory renal function.
Joint tissue massage of the reflex zones
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Joint tissue massage of the reflex zones of the connective tissue: skin, subcutaneous fat layer, muscles, fascia. This increases the exchange
substances, blood circulation in tissues improves. Restoration of the functions of the connective tissue positively affects the internal organs, adds lightness to the body, relaxes and relieves fatigue.
Scalp massage and cervical collar zone
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Massage activates biologically active points thanks to the Shiatsu method and massage vibes with the help of the apparatus of the French company Cellutec. On the hair part of the head is applied a nutritious mask based on soy, Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. As a result, massage strengthens the body's protective system, relieves tension and fatigue, gives the skin and hair natural strength and beauty.
Medical programs
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