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One cube, 60 paintings and many Lviv people. “Free” is amazing


Art project in the center of Lviv from the “Free”

On Thursday, June 28, 2018, “Vilni” All-Ukrainian public organization and Edem art space presented “ART-CUBE” – art project on the square in front of the Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet. A large cube-shaped construction filled with paintings and sculptures by contemporary Ukrainian artists is presented in the very center of Lviv. Art project in the center of Lviv from the "Free" A huge construction from stage scaffolding, which is 6 meters wide and 6 meters high, is filled with more than 60 paintings. The construction looks particularly extraordinary in the evening, when 30 light elements alternately illuminate a certain group of paintings at a particular time and make one perceive art objects in a new way. project Art Cub Lviv We want “ART-CUBE” to be a space where everyone whose views coincide with ours could express their opinion. We have many works of art for this cube. I remember how we were collecting works for the first cube. Some wanted to give  their works, some did not want to, but over a year, more than one and a half million people saw these works. project curator Oleksandr Hovpun Due to weather conditions, we select works that are more resistant to the weather conditions we have in Lviv. But I would like to say that this is already the fifth cube, and there always were bad weather conditions. But it is good when it rains, because everyone hides in a cube, " project curator Oleksandr Hovpun said at the press conference on the opening of the project. Progressive young artists from Western Ukraine – Olena Zherebetska, Solomiya Kovtun, Les Panchyshyn, Ruslan Hrabar, Petro Romanchuk, and others – take part  in the project. Project concept involves showing the role of an artist as a creator of the future society. The artist’s works become a beacon and an impetus for cultural and social transformations. We would like to note that the founder of “Art-Cube” project and Edem art space, Olha Filatova, has been holding similar events in Ukrainian cities for the second consecutive year. Art-Cube Lviv Last year, “Art-Cube” “became a discovery for young artists, and it was helping Ukrainians familiarize themselves with young creators during an entire year, while traveling around the country. The authors of the project brought together the most talented artists from Western Ukraine and created a new foundation, “Vilni”, and the Edem art space. Art-Cube kurator “We never know how the cube will look like in the end. It’s like a living organism which consists of certain intentions, initiatives. Artists bring their works and thanks to the art group that makes decisions, the project receives visualization. But there are certain extensions that guide this process,” Olha Filatova, chairman of the board of “Vilni” art foundation, said at the press conference on the opening of the project. There are also annual plein-airs in the art space, where artists – inspired by tranquility and harmony – transform the worldview, expressing it in the products of creativity.

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