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This year’s “Art-cube” art project was presented in Lviv


All-Ukrainian public association "Vyli"

“Art-cube” from All-Ukrainian public association “Vyli”

For the second consecutive year, “Art-cube” art project from the “Vilni” All-Ukrainian public organization is presented to the residents and guests of Lviv. Works by contemporary Ukrainian artists are displayed here. The event has an educational function. The organizers want to show the society that artists are the Ukrainian elite. The people who are now forming Ukrainian consciousness.So the art project is presented during the days of the jazz festival for a good reason.  “This is a topical issue. Because the amount of attention paid to Lviv at this time is huge. Therefore, it is appropriate to present artists at this exact time. Moreover, we fulfill an educational function. Our goal is to create a name for the artists we cooperate with,” said Oleksandr Hovpun, project curator. Unlike last year, in 2018, the project is displayed near the Opera House. Designer Ivona Loban says: people are fond of modern art, because even when “Art-cube” was just installed, you could see many people looking at it with interest. Those who pass by want to know, in particular, who the authors of the exhibited works are. “At the moment, these are famous young artists. "Art-cube" CuratorsOlena Zherebetska, Solomiya Kovtun, Les Panchyshyn, Ruslan Hrabar, Petro Romanchuk, and many others,” noted designer Ivona Loban, who is also a curator of the exhibition. This year’s concept of the project is “Creator’s place in the world”. “Artists are the harbingers of social changes. We always know that philosophers and artists are torchbearers. And the things that are born in their heads appear in social processes after a while. These are very important things for the self-identification and self-determination of the nation. That is why I pay particular attention to this,” Olha Filatova, chairman of the board of the “Vilni” art foundation, emphasized.  According to the organizers, about 1.5 million people saw “Art-cube” this year, because the project traveled through the cities of Western Ukraine. And now you will have an opportunity to see “Art-cube” near the Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet until the end of the jazz festival.

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