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An art project “Art Cube” was presented in Lviv by the art fund “Free”


Project “Art-cube” in Lviv in 2018

Today, on June 16, in Lviv was presented the art foundation ‘Free’, and also there was told about the first project of the foundation ‘Art Cube’, which could be seen by all those interested on June 23 in the Park of culture. According to project Manager Oleksandr Khovpun, the ideological basis of art foundation ‘Free’ is the culture as the basis of statehood. У Львові заснували арт-фундацію «Вільні» та представили її перший незвичний проект «Арт-куб» (фото) ‘The idea has long been hovering in the air, and finally we found the strength and decided to take this important step. Initially, it was the idea of the scholarships appointed for the young talented artists. Now there is a very large ambitious project, which we shall present, if an art foundation is able, we have a goal to create a large art project in the territory of Lviv’, – said Oleksandr Khovpun. He added that the objective of the foundation is the creation of such an art hub where artists can realize their ambitious projects. ‘Artists will be able to count on our support, legal and financial assistance,’ added Khovpun. У Львові заснували арт-фундацію «Вільні» та представили її перший незвичний проект «Арт-куб» (фото) As the Chairman of the Board of the art foundation ‘Free’ Olena Filatova told, the foundation task is to give the significant impact onthe increase of the cultural development level and national identity, consciousness of our own nation for the sake of improving the conditions of our future. ‘Art Cube is a symbolic structure, which will be filled with energy only by Lviv artists. У Львові заснували арт-фундацію «Вільні» та представили її перший незвичний проект «Арт-куб» (фото) Quite an ambitious design 6×6 meters. There will be presented about 20 works that will be exhibited on the ropes and at some period of time, these works will be highlighted. We plan to attract performers andyoung people with specific ideas and plans that will implement their art projects on this podium. We hope that during the jazz festival this lighting composition will attract attention,’ – said Oleg Davydenko. He added that the project will attract artists who work in different styles, i.e. from realism to certain experimental forms. The visitors of Art Cube will be able to communicate personally with the authors of the works.

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