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ART CUB: paintings hanging in the air

Art project “ARTCUB” in the park named after them. B. Khmelnitsky


In the Park of Culture the Art Cube is set up

Today the art foundation “Free” presented an art project “Art Cube” in the Lviv park named after B. Khmelnytskyi. A huge installation of woods that are 6 metres in width and in length, with 30 paintings 40 sculptures presented in the central parkway. „An interesting fact is that by twilight the installation looks interestingly attractive: almost 30 lighting elements light up in their turn a certain group of paintings with the help of a timer, shaping the right way of the viewer’s perception,” says the reporter of “Vgolos”. It was the main target of the authors of the project to show the young Lviv artists to a wider number of people. Later on, artists from all over Ukraine are planned to be involved into this project, when afterwards their works will be shared with the foreign countries. Olga Filatova, a psychologist and a restaurant keeper, who is the author of the project, has pointed out that the main task of the current project is to show their treasured “diamond” to Lviv, to support talanted youth and to make Ukraine’s cultural capital more art oriented: “Our project is a certain message to the citizens of Lviv – let’s make the world a better place to live, together, at this moment”. It should be mentioned that four sculptures from the project “Dead and alive” by Viktor Prodanchuk, a Lviv artist and art restorer, were also a part of “Art Cube”.  “The sculptures are my own creation but they were painted by Artem Kolovratnyi. Here we have Vincent van Gogh, Egon Schiele, Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat ”, told the artist. As it was written in “Vgolos” the day before, Olga Filatova, the president of the art foundation  “Free”, Oleh Davydenko, an artist and Oleksandr Khovpun, the monitor, told of the basic aims and the aim of the new project “Art Cube”.

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