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Presentation of the project “Art Cube” in Lviv


In Lviv, the artists presented a unique project ‘Art Cube’

Last weekend (23.02.2018) in Lviv was launched a large-scale project ‘Art Cube’ presented by Art space Edem and the public organization ‘Free’. Already famous artists and unknown but promising artists of Western Ukraine, lovers of contemporary art for two days on the main avenue of the Park named after B.Khmelnytskyi showed the complicated installation, equipped with an interactive led and conducted the few hours cognominal performance to support the event. project ‘Art Cube’ As Olga Filatova, initiator of the creation of Art Cuba, the founder of the Eden Art Space, noted that this initiative was made possible by the call of a society that has long been sending a message to unite. Man — the creator of the modern information space. Destructive self-man-Creator creates an external world, destroying it — recreates itself again. That is why the main idea of ​​the performance, which we have shown, is the conflict of the external and internal worlds of the man-Creator, their confrontation, says Olga Filatova, the ideological inspiration for the installation. Olga Filatova Olga Filatova 

Viktor Prodanchuk, a well-known Lviv artist-sculptor, considers this project very valuable, because in addition to uniting a number of artists, a dialogue with a person who, in the opinion of the author, always has a choice: to destroy the world or to create oneself through producing it beautiful and positive. Viktor Prodanchuk Victor Prodanchuk: We created this project Dead and Alive  a Psychological Portrait with Comrade Artem Kolovorot. It’s Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Egon Schile with Jean-Michel Baskie. These artists have long since died all the time, but their works are on time; they trigger a stormy discussion, selling at the most famous auctions in the world. Dead and Alive I think that the Lviv residents and guests gave this project different emotions: for someone it was positive and good, someone pushed for creative thinking and, I hope, dreamed of creating something own, authentic, says the artist.  Work Art Cube 2 For us, an important aspect of this project is communication, conversation with artists, and with the audience at the same time, enthusiastically shares the impressions of the participants in the Art of Cuba. Makar Moskalyuk  Makar Moskalyuk 

Makar Moskaluk, a young and creative artist, calls his series of works controversial. I presented here 4 canvases, two series of works. The first series  Doors. Doors are a symbol of the fact that every person there by the door has its own warmth, wealth, ideas that hold inside. These moods, emotions, are not open to everyone … Another series of works is Beginning. Such a month is abstract work. Everyone can find what he wants to see.  Les Punchyshyn To fix visually the artistic action with the help of a dron, and actually create one more aspect of the project  video art, took by Les Punchyshyn, an artist whose nine works have already been seen in the world, but they also found their place in Art Cuba, and your new content. Les Punchyshyn The purpose of the art-foundation is to spread the talent of young artists, and not only to present the famous ones. To develop young people and to support western Ukrainian art in general. Captures the non-standard presentation of the project, it impresses me, and at night our Art Cube looks fantastic at all.  This is one of the first projects in Lviv, which truly confirms the status of the city as the cultural capital of Ukraine. Work Art Cube The organizers of the project are not going to stop and have already gathered a whole galaxy of contemporary artists from all over Ukraine to the plan air in the Art-space of Eden. As Olga Filatova noticed, the artists will create a theme My Paradise on Earth, and they will be determined all the time, whether to choose new accents, new dynamics and create a new reality for future generations.

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